Preggin’ ain’t easy

October 6, 2016

To Panel Or Not To Panel

How to hold your pants up

If you’re new to pregnancy or maternity clothes you may wonder, “how do your pants stay up”? To this, we say, “we got you covered”! There are two main options. One is to wear bottoms that have a belly panel attached, second is to wear pants and skirts that sit under your belly.

Belly Panel:

noun bel·ly pan·el \ˈbe-lēˈ pa-nəl\

:spandex, super tall waistband, wrap, adhered to the garment which stretches over your bump. In essence, it’s holding your pants up from your biggest (and best) part.

Example: Faux Wrap Skirt

Pros: Because it stretches from your pants or skirt up over your belly, it makes sure you’re covered, literally. Stretch your arms over your head to reach that chocolate granola bar, nothing’s gonna hang out. And if your belly button timer already popped, it helps smooth it…. slightly.

Cons: For those of you who are boiling, er, hot mamas, it’s one more layer on the furnace.


Under Belly:

noun un·der bel·ly \ˈən-dər ˈbe-lē\

:bottoms (ie. pants, skirts, shorts) that have a curved waistband to comfortably sit on your hips, below your belly.

Example: Drawstring Tuxedo Pant

Pros: It’s one less thing to fuss with as you’re about to pee yourself; meaning quicker bathroom breaks. They resemble the feeling of your old tried-and-true, pre-pregnancy pants.

Cons: If you have a big belly, they may feel like they’re falling off. Mainly because at the end, everything is so low, you’re unsure your belly is still attached.

Bottom line is to wear what you’re comfortable in and looks best on your body. Just make sure to #growinstyle!