Preggin’ ain’t easy

August 22, 2016

“The Heat Is On, It’s On The Street….”

Dress Real Cool

Most pregnant women are hot. Yes, of course they’re attractive too but we mean in temperature. Between the increase in blood volume, the hormone rush and the extra 20 or 30 pounds it’s amazing we’re not “going streaking… through the quad…and into the gymnasium”!

It’s important to be able to pretend like we’re normal at oh say, work and not like we just ran a marathon. Here are some tips to help dress appropriately so no one really knows you’re sweating bullets (I mean, the pregnancy glow, right?)

The first tip is obvious- dress in layers. Wow, I know we’re geniuses over here. But it’s the type of layer that’s important. Let’s not dress like your grandmother carrying her go-to sweater into the restaurant for dinner. Think ahead and style yourself for the outfit with and without the layer piece this way you look like a pulled together perfectionist no matter what temp your Stowaway set the thermostat. To help keep that stylish figure, find layer pieces that are open without any secures (buttons, snaps, bondage tape) and are long. They don’t have to have a train, but something past your hip height is a flattering length whether you’re petite or in the WNBA. This helps to elongate your shape, which we will always welcome.

Secondly, no matter what season it is, the fabrics you wear are the key to staying warm or keeping cool. Fabrics from animals like mohair, cashmere or leather are made to keep the animal warm and they do their job well. So stay away from those. The fabrics you want are breathable and knitted loosely. Cotton is king here (especially the nice ones like Pima or Supima) but also Bamboo or any Rayon based material like Tencel are super breathable helping your heat escape. Natural fabrics or fabrics made from plant fibers are best. Don’t believe us? Put on a wool sweater for 10 minutes. See if you last even that long before ripping it off in a panic!

There are a few major places on your very pregnant body that lets heat escape. One is your head (so sorry ladies, that wool fedora isn’t going to help this situation). The other one is your chest. Lean towards picking classy v-necks or great scoop necks. It’ll show off your glowing décolletage. Please no plunging necklines to that office meeting with the executive board, though. It might create an uncomfortable situation.

Don’t worry, this too shall pass. Just remember each day you make it through without standing up to a pool of sweat under your chair is a great one.