Preggin’ ain’t easy

March 25, 2017

Spring’s Maternity Checklist

Must haves for a Spring pregnancy

Spring is rapidly approaching and it’s time to prepare your pregnant bump and wardrobe for the transition to make it through the season unscathed. Here we break down the basis of a pregnancy wardrobe with our spring maternity wardrobe checklist:

  1. Moto jacket in a springtime tone

Think tan or camel-toned, this piece doesn’t need to be maternity. Think of it as a layer piece, that doesn’t need to close, for those days when the morning still has a little chill.

  1. Spring sweater

Unpredictable weather, unpredictable pregnancy, and unpredictable office temps means you have to be prepared. Try layering a cozy spring sweater atop a pair of structured shorts or a skirt.

  1. Bright dress

Color is always needed in any wardrobe for any season. As your pregnant belly grows, you may be drawn to more black and navy but truthfully, the best way to show off a bump is to highlight it in a maternity dress in a bright color. Remember this tip when picking out your baby shower dress, too.

  1. Sleek Jogger Pant

The most comfortable silhouette for a pant is the now-trend-worthy jogger. Buy in a maternity pant variety with a sleek fabric so you can dress up or down and not look like they’re just another pair of sweatpants.

  1. Flat Espadrilles

Espadrilles scream summer is coming! The raffia adds dimension and a little bit of cool. Try pairing unexpectedly with a light colored work pant to the office. You can try a wedge here too but who’s kidding who- you’re pregnant.

  1. Slip on sneaker

Comfort is key when pregnant but not at the sacrifice of style. Thank goodness the slip on sneaker is still in style. Try a Vans variety in a light pink suede for seasonality and something you can wear after your Stowaway arrives.

Build your wardrobe to be flattering and express your personality but most importantly, just grow in style.