Preggin’ ain’t easy

September 21, 2016

One Hot Mama

Fall’s Beauty Trends – Without The Nasties

Following trends can sometimes get you in trouble. I’m looking at you, feathered mullet. The key to avoiding the embarrassing instagram is to make the trend your own. Here, we’ve selected the top beauty trends for fall and product picks that are cleaner than most cosmetics. Try the trends that work for you (hell, try the ones that may not- can’t hurt).

Berry Stained Lip-

A bold lip seems to always be having a moment (like it’s 5 o’clock somewhere). This season, it’s of the berry variety. Try Beautycounter’s newest color Fig for what they call “a buildable berry”. Beautycounter is a go-to for us because not only do they use safe ingredients, they lobby lawmakers to change the rules when it comes to safe skincare. Pair with a simple black eyeliner and mascara to balance the look.

Pink Nude Lip-

Paradoxically, pinky, nude colored lips are also in season. This is the lip you use when you want to balance out a big, colorful, bold eye or you’re just going to meet a friend for coffee. Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments Satin Lip Cream in Rosé is the color to get. And the company is mostly certified organic. Score!

Dark Eyes-

We’re not talking Goth here, but charcoal eyes or a sleek black eyeliner is a great accent point. When applying, start small near the lashline and build outward until you’ve achieved desired level of dark. Juice Beauty offers a Defining Eyeliner in Black that we love. And we love that it’s formulated with organic ingredients, too.

Dramatic Lashes-

Using many raw and food grade materials, RMS Beauty has an excellent mascara which comes in two formulas, Volumizing or Defining, to tailor your lash look to you. Humungo lashes are the trend but for your typical day at the office, can we recommend a non-fake lash approach?

Healthy, Luminescent Skin-

And our favorite trend of all is this one. Gone are the days of contouring and highlighting until your face is completely painted on. The biggest takeaway here is to use a great facewash, mask and moisturizer. Tata Harper is our select for all things skincare because you could almost eat her products they’re so clean (please do not ingest, we’re just making a point…) Her Resurfacing Mask is divine. It’s thick, smells beautiful (not from artificial fragrance) and delivers.

Whatever you decide to try this fall as far as fashion or beauty. Don’t try all the trends at once. Your co-workers may look at you funny.