Preggin’ ain’t easy

October 11, 2017

Move Your Body

We interview Sara Haley, Pre & Postnatal Fitness Expert

Sara Haley, prenatal and postnatal fitness pro gave birth to her third child this year! We chatted about all things pregnancy and how staying active helps. (hint, it’s the only way to survive!)


During the first trimester, expecting moms often feel nauseous and exhausted. How do you recommend getting through work outs during this stage?

Work out on the days when you feel good since you never know when the nausea and/or exhaustion might kick in. Also, the earlier in the day you can work out the better. Whether it’s first trimester or third trimester, the later in the day it gets the more likely it is that you’ll get tired. This was the first pregnancy where I experienced morning sickness and I did find that if the nausea wasn’t too bad and I started working out, I often forgot about it (or was distracted from it) if I was engaged enough in the workout. My Expecting MORE pregnancy workouts might be a good distraction for that! Also, I found some great solutions to morning sickness that I shared on my YouTube channel.

How does working out and staying active during pregnancy help the birthing process?

Working out and staying active will of course keep your body strong and your endurance high for a hopefully successful labor but I think more than anything it gives you the willpower and commitment to get though the birthing process.  I also recommend really learning how to belly breath – which will help you with any stress you might feel and especially if you have a vaginal delivery.

Any tips for busy, expecting moms on how to squeeze in a workout?

Remember that something is better than nothing. I even have to remind myself of this often, especially this pregnancy (I have a 6-year-old and 3-year-old). Even if it’s a light stretch or 20 squats, it’s still moving your body.

As mentioned earlier, do as much as you can on the days you feel energized and motivated because there will be plenty of days where you feel the opposite.

Don’t beat yourself up over skipping workouts or giving into cravings (unless it becomes a habit). Your #1 priority is to take care of baby.

What are your go-to items in your closet during pregnancy?

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I am most comfortable in athleisure wear. Honestly, I don’t know what pregnant women did before leggings.  My go-to look is leggings with a tank top and open jacket – anything from a flannel to a jean jacket to a comfy sweater.