Preggin’ ain’t easy

December 5, 2016

Gift giving season is upon us

do it Stowaway style

The holidays are upon us and your bestie/sister/partner/baby mama is preggers. Your first inclination may be to get her something related to the baby or her pregnancy. While those items are things she will definitely need, your best gal is still just that, your best gal. She hasn’t changed and the things she liked before she was pregnant, she still likes (mostly, at least). Her life will be consumed with all things baby shortly so get her something that she’d enjoy whether or not she was carrying a Stowaway. Although not on this list, a day at the spa is ALWAYS appreciated. We just thought you may want to be a little more creative. Here’s our top picks for the 2016 season.

Loopy Mango’s Her Scarf– Winter is here. This gigantic knitwear uses Big Loop Merino Wool Yarn for you to either buy a ready-made piece or a DIY kit if she’s crafty. You can’t help but curl up in any of their pieces. It’s warm, cozy and inviting for the cold months ahead.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Love Suede Tassel Crossbody Handbag– This item will really pay off after she has her Stowaway. It’s the perfect on-trend accessory because she doesn’t need to lug anything on her arms and after she gives birth she’ll definitely need her hands free.

Jennifer Meyer’s Arrow Pendant Necklace– Jewelry may be an obvious choice here but this necklace is most definitely not obvious. Understated and cool, the arrow part of an arrow through the heart is the subtle way to tell her she’s loved.

Stowaway Collection’s Wrap Slit Dress– Stretchy and warm made from Bamboo, Cotton and Spandex, this dress is designed for any occasion dependent upon the styling. And really, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing a sweatshirt, even when they’re dressed for work.

Bloomies Gift Card– After her Stowaway arrives, a new wardrobe will be the last thing on her mind, but alas, she’ll be needing one. She’ll either be a new size (bigger or smaller but don’t comment on either) or need some new pieces to feel like herself again.

Cashmere– Dreamy and soft, cashmere is just luxurious. Decide how to gift her cashmere based on your desired price point. Cashmere gloves can be found at Macy’s on sale during the holiday season or shop Ralph Lauren’s Cashmere Shop online for the very tippy top end of your budget.

 Weekend Getaway– Take your beloved pregnant person on a weekend away. While the Bahamas may be lovely this time of year (aside from the Zika), try thinking more local like an hour drive away to explore a new town/city. Stay in a cute bed and breakfast and wander through Main Street or stay at a big hotel with all the amenities so you never have to leave. She’ll appreciate the carefree time together before the Stowaway arrives.

This holiday season may be her last before the Stowaway arrives. Remember to cherish your time together, cherish her, and help her to #growinstyle.