Preggin’ ain’t easy

November 22, 2016

Earring Attire

It’s all in the details

You’ve heard the term dress head to toe or feet first, well we’re proposing dressing accessories first. Style is all in the details and we’re loving the ear accessory trend right now. So get inspired and start your look with accessories. It gives you a chance to see your wardrobe and style in a different light and you can try it no matter what the occasion. A simple black dress with a pump and a pearl stud is a great work look. Change out the shoe for a strappy number and put on a colorful, fringe, dangly earring with that same black dress and you’re ready to party. Here we break down what the popular trends are for ear wear and where to find them.

In case you’re new to ear accessories, ear crawlers are earrings that start at the bottom of your ear where it’s pierced and crawl up and around your ear. They almost look like a bobby pin that goes through your ear and upward. A row of diamonds is a popular design. Push present, hunny? Bloomingdale’s has some great ones or check out Bauble Bar for options to not break the bank.

Mismatched earrings are hot stuff right now. Designers are showing this trend with one statement drop earring (think huge) and nothing in the other ear. Too much statement for a Wednesday at the office? You’re in luck. Buy a pair of mismatched studs that are meant to be worn together (check out Asos for some fun ones). We love a heart in the right ear and its missing arrow in the left. Or clear out that jewelry box of the loners missing their better half, it’s their time to shine. Try a gemstone stud in one ear and a pearl in the other.

Ear cuffs are exactly what they sound like – a little huggie or cuff that hugs your ear above the lobe. They’re making a comeback after taking a hiatus since the 90’s and they’re great for those of us without pierced ears. Barneys New York carries a nice supply of fine jewelry cuffs or check out Macy’s for the costume variety. We wouldn’t recommend doing a cuff in each ear though, the key is asymmetry here, pick left or right.

Whatever trend you decide to partake in, make sure you stay true to your personal style and personality so you can always #growinstyle.