Preggin’ ain’t easy

September 1, 2016

2 Neighbors & A Stowaway

Keep it on good terms

A little Stowaway is on its way and a few more people need to be prepared; your neighbors. I know, I know. You’re barely prepared why should you prepare your neighbors? Who’s preparing you?!

If you live in a house in the burbs some of these things may not apply to you but for those of us who live in a shoebox apartment, it’s crucial to set expectations.

First, tell your neighbors you’re pregnant and your due date. Congrats, you’re almost done.

Second, when you get close (you be the judge/randomly guess when you’re close to delivering) deliver a little package of goodies. If you’re close to your neighbor you’ll know what their faves are. If your not, we recommend a handwritten note letting them know that your Stowaway is due shortly and expect to hear a serenade to mark the occasion of their arrival home. Gift them with ear plugs to block out the crying, a bottle of wine to help not care about the crying, and a bag of coffee for the next morning after a long night of… crying.

Then when you’re ready (and make sure they’re healthy and have washed their hands), invite them over to meet your little one so they can put a face to the symphony they hear. They’ll appreciate the new baby smell. Or maybe not- in which case you’ll have new neighbors soon.